Diversity in the neighborhood: Lithuanian ethnic groups in the course of centuries

Date: August 23rd
Time: 2:30 pm – 9 pm
Cost: included in conference fee

The streets of Vilnius heard people speaking Russian, Yiddish, Lithuanian, Polish, German, Turkic languages, saw people praying, singing and trading. The life was flowing through the neighborhood of different ethnic groups, with their unique traditions and lifestyle on the one hand, and common everyday issues on the other. Did you know that Vilnius is a place where Muslim Tatars and Jews Karaites shared common cemeteries? That Vilna Gaon formed a commentaries for Babylonian Talmud and this edition became a canon of Talmud up to these days? Those and many other things reveals while traveling in Vilnius and its vaccinates.

The excursion in Vilnius will be followed by a conference dinner. The conference dinner will take place in Trakai Historical National Park (about 27 km west of Vilnius). In this unique and compact ensemble of natural and cultural heritage, which reflects important periods and events in the history of Lithuania and eastern Europe as a whole, we can see a beautifully preserved cultural landscape centred on an historic town and castles which are nestled in lake land.


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 „I did not think Lithuania is such a beautiful and clean country“ – once were told by a visitor.  To prove this we are inviting you to take a part in tours and see by yourself the most picturesque and magnificent views of Lithuania.

Tour to Trakai Castle and Kernave

Tour's duration: 4 hours
Price from: 45 EUR ( min 4 persons)

Visit Lithuania and not to visit the legendary Trakai Castle - so do not visit Lithuania. 
Trakai and Kernave - two historical capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, surrounded by amazing nature.

Trakai, which lies in the National and Historical park of Lithuania, is famous for its unique landscape enriched with some 200 lakes and the medieval castle on the Island of Galvė Lake. It is the only one of its kind in Eastern Europe.

The Lithuanian Troy, Kernavė, a place that represents the primeval past of Lithuania. On the picturesque bank of the Neris River stand five hill-forts where our ancestors have settled, lived and been buried since time immemorial. Numerous archeological finds testify to the historical processes and cultures which have existed in the area for 11 000 years. The cultural heritage of the last pagan country in Europe – the remains of an ancient capital of Lithuania – lies hidden under a layer of deposits. Since 2004, Kernavė has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Trakai Castle is lovely any time of year, but in the warm season Trakai offer tourists not only visit the historic sights, but also plenty of fun activities, such as concerts in the castle and the palace Tyshkevichs or sailing on the lake Galves.

  • Yachting in Galvė lake around Trakai castle (during the season),
  • tasting of “kibinai”,traditional karaites pastry(*at extra charge)
  • Trakai castle museum (on request),
  • Tiškevičiai estate homestead (during the season),
  • Regional park of Neris river turns.
  • Kernavė, Kernavė mounds,
  • gallery – museum of H. Orakauskas.
  • Dūkštos cognitive path,
  • Sudervė church.

Register at by sending your full name, e-mail and telephone number. Please indicate 'TOUR TO TRAKAI CASTLE AND KERNAVE'  in the subject field. Registration available until  2018 07 15.

Tour to incredible Kaunas

Tour's duration: 4 - 6 hours 
Price: 75 EUR/per person (min 4 persons)
Price: 70 EUR/per person (min 5 - max 19 persons group)

Kaunas - the second largest and most important city in Lithuania. 

Many guidebooks call the Lithuanian city of Kaunas most, even more commonly used name - temporary capital. 
Kaunas history begins in the 13th century, and this city really has something to show inquisitive tourists: the beautifully preserved old town, interesting museums, architectural monuments. 

In the city day and night life rages - it is an important cultural and industrial center. Guests struck by the contrast of this city 's rich history and romantic legends, ancient traditions and modern art. 

Excursion in former capitol of Lithuania –Kaunas:

  • Kaunas Old Town,
  • Kaunas castle
  • Kaunas cathedral
  • Laisvė avenue
  • Museum of Devils
  • Pazaislis monastery
  • Raudondvaris estate

Register at by sending your full name, e-mail and telephone number. Please indicate 'TOUR TO TRAKAI CASTLE AND KERNAVE'  in the subject field. Registration available until  2018 07 15.