Opening speakers

Rimantas Želvys (Vilnius University, Lithuania). One Hundred Years of Educational Development in Lithuania 


Tim Bell (University of Canterbury, New Zealand). CS Unplugged and Computational thinking

Paulo Blikstein (Stanford University, United States). Constructionism won, now what? The role of constructionist research in the age of ubiquitous computing

James Clayson (The American University of Paris, France).  Look closely, watch what happens: visual modelling and constructionism

Gerald Futschek (Vienna University of Technology, Austria). Computational Thinking and Creativity

Paul Goldenberg (Education Development Center, United States). Teaching children to be problem posers and puzzle-creators in mathematics

Brian Harvey (University of California, United States). May I Teach an Algorithm?

Arthur Hjorth (Northwestern University, United States). Social Gears - a Constructionist Approach to Social Studies

Celia Hoyles and Richard Noss (University College London, UK). Constructionism at Scale: Some Thoughts on Evaluation

Ivan Kalaš (Comenius University, Slovakia). Mind the step! Simple constructs in primary programming are not that simple

Chronis Kynigos (NKUA, Greece). In support of integrated approaches to constructionist designs and interventions: the case of ChoiCo and MaLT

Jens Mönig (SAP, Germany). SNAP!

Ana Isabel Sacristán (Cinvestav, Mexico). Constructionist experiences across educational levels

Jenny Sendova (Bulgarian Academy of Science, Bulgaria). Back 100 000(2)

Wolfgang Slany (Graz University of Technology, Austria). Rock bottom, the world, the sky: Catrobat, an extremely large-scaling and long-term visual coding project relying purely on smartphones

Gary Stager (Constructing Modern Knowledge, United States). (1) Making Constructionism Great Again; (2) Constructionism in Practice (co-speaker Sylvia Martinez)

Carol Sperry Suziedelis (Professor Emerita, Millersville University, United States). Evolution of a Constructionist Teacher (with some reminders from Seymour Papert)

Uri Wilensky (Northwestern University, United States). Constructionism: Re-empowering powerful ideas